Residential and Commercial Lock Installation and Repair For Your Area

Whether you need to upgrade your home’s security or need a repair on an existing lock, we can help. We install, repair, and re-key residential and commercial locks.

Door locks can wear out over time, making them less effective. Employees may struggle to wiggle their keys in the locks or get stuck inside them.


Re-keying is a great way to add another layer of security for your home or business without having to spend the money on completely replacing your locks. It involves changing the inner pins inside of the lock so that a new key will work and the old one won’t. This is much cheaper and less labor intensive than completely replacing the lock.

Door knobs, levers and deadbolts with keyed locks have two sets of pins set within the plug: driver pins and key pins. When a key is inserted, it lifts the driver pins to a standard depth and the shear line, allowing the plug to rotate and open the lock.

During a rekeying, the locksmith will drop the old pins out of the plug, put in the new pins with a kit that comes with a chart for proper placement and snap the key plug back into place and reinstall it. Rekeying is ideal after a burglary or break-in as it makes it more difficult for thieves to use the old key and provides an added sense of security for the property owner.


When you want to change your lock entirely, it’s a good idea to talk to a commercial locksmith. They’ll help you select the right hardware, and they can also repin your new locks to match the existing pinning so that you maintain key control.

The biggest consideration is that you need to ensure that the replacement lock will fit the door/hardware. Most manufacturers will include thick door kits that will allow you to install standard locks into doors that are 1 3/8 or 1 3/4 inches thick.

Another important consideration is the latch setting on the new lock. Most lock sets have two latch settings, so you will need to make sure that the new latch is set to either the short (2 3/8) or long (the 2 3/4) setting. Otherwise, you won’t be able to lock the door from the inside. This is especially important for points of egress that are used in emergencies.


If your locks can be repaired instead of replaced, you may want to go with that option. A commercial locksmith can help you with this decision, depending on the condition of your locks.

Commercial lock repair refers to any fix that doesn’t involve replacing the entire commercial lock. This can include things like proper lubrication and cleaning. This process is also helpful for fixing problems caused by weather conditions. It is important to note that these types of fixes don’t necessarily resolve all problems.

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace your commercial door lock. This could be the result of break-in or other damage that cannot be repaired. It is important to talk with a professional to determine which solution is best for your needs. Having the right commercial lock installation and repair service is crucial to maintaining the security of your property. This includes determining the type of lock you need for your business.


When a lock is damaged, it may need to be replaced rather than repaired. A replacement requires opening the door, removing the existing lock and installing a new one that meets building codes and secures the property.

In some cases, a commercial locksmith can install a smart lock that allows building tenants to control their locks with a mobile phone app. This technology is becoming more popular and provides improved security while allowing owners to have access to their building’s occupancy information in the event of an emergency.

An owner can also have their Commercial Lock Installation with a panic bar that lets individuals exit a room quickly, meeting safety standards and ensuring the safety of those in the building in case of an emergency. This is a great feature for restaurants, retail stores and hospitals where employees or customers need to exit in a hurry. It is important to make sure the hole in the door is wide enough for a panic bar before drilling.