The Candy King Air Disposable Vape presents users with a slim and compact disposable e-cig that lasts approximately 6000 puffs. It comes in a variety of their classic flavors and is rechargeable via USB Type-C.

Its 13ml e-juice tank is filled with a 50mg salt nicotine e-liquid and is infused with TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine). The disposable device has a promising design that promotes user comfort and convenience.

Pink Squares

The Candy King Air Disposable Vape is a gimmick-free vape device that will have you drooling for more. It features a 13ml e-liquid tank and a 600mAh rechargeable battery that transforms the juice into the mouthwatering clouds of vape you’ve been craving. In addition to its impressive vapor production, the Air also boasts next-level comfort and convenience for the vape enthusiast.

Pink Squares from Candy King Air is a delicious and well-crafted e-liquid that delivers on the sweet, sugary taste of your favorite chewy candy. The best part is that the Pink Squares e-liquid also incorporates a hint of lemonade on the exhale, creating a vape experience that will leave you wanting more. This e-liquid has been dubbed the best Pink Squares vape by vapers nationwide.

Strawberry Rolls

If you’re a fan of strawberry candy rolls, you will love this flavor from the renowned e-liquid brand Candy King. The e-liquid blends tart strawberries with a mixture of sweet and sour sugar crystals to produce a tasty fruity snack that will satisfy your cravings.

This e-liquid is available in the Candy King Air Disposable Vape. It comes with a slim and compact design that is rechargeable via USB Type-C and lasts approximately 6000 puffs.

This disposable vaporizer is infused with TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine) and is available in a 50mg strength. The synthetic nicotine offers a smoother and more satisfying experience than traditional nic salts. It also produces a more soothing smoke than menthol-based e-liquids.

Sour Straws

Sour Straws is a sweet and sour e-liquid that contains a tart blue raspberry soft candy blended to perfection. It tastes like candy on the inhale, but it also has a hint of lemonade flavor that gives it a tangy finish.

Sour Straws from Candy King Air Disposable Vape is a fantastic way to satisfy your sour and fruity vaping cravings! It features 13ml of e-liquid that converts to clouds of delicious vape, and it lasts for around 6000 puffs.

This disposable vape has a unique design that promotes user comfort and convenience. It comes pre-filled and pre-charged, and it is ready to go from the moment you receive it. The device is powered by a 600mAh rechargeable battery, and it can be charged with a USB Type-C cable.

Peachy Rings

Peachy Rings from Candy King Air Disposable Vape is a flavor that perfectly captures the flavors of your favorite gummy peach rings. With every inhale, you will experience a delicious wave of sour peach gummy candy that will rush through your mouth and bring back memories of days spent enjoying a sweet and sour treat with friends.

This e-liquid is available in 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottles and comes in nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. It also contains 5% nicotine salt and is available in an array of different colors and flavor combinations.

The Candy King Air disposable is a small and compact vape pen that lasts for approximately 6000 puffs. It is rechargeable via USB Type-C and features a 13ml e-juice capacity. It is infused with 50mg Tobacco Free Nicotine Salt and offers a unique blend of Candy King’s famous flavors.

Green Apple

Relive your childhood with this amazing recreation of those tasty pink square candies. Perfectly represented with a blend of taffy, bright red cherries, and sweet strawberries, this flavor is identical to the original.

Embark on an exciting journey as your airways are overtaken by a mix of various fruity flavors, including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, and orange. The flavorful mix collides and creates the most satisfying vaping experience that you’ve ever had.

This disposable vape device from Candy King is one of the most popular devices on the market. It is compact and pocket-friendly, and it offers a large battery and a huge vape juice capacity. It is also rechargeable, allowing you to keep it going for as long as you want.